100 Sobriety Quotes About Recovery and Addiction

Once your loved one stops using drugs and alcohol, you may expect them to simply “get better” overnight. Bearing the weight of others’ expectations can actually be counterproductive to one’s recovery. While using substances may take away our inhibitions and anxieties, it also dulls wonderful parts of ourselves.

  • Though it can be exciting to set large goals and fantasize about huge life changes, sometimes this can also cause a person to feel overwhelmed and become demoralized.
  • She knows that she is completely free to have a drink, but that one drink will come with a whole package for her.
  • An inspirational recovery quote can be a great reminder and a simple way of changing our mindset.
  • Struggling with sobriety is normal and sometimes relapses do occur.
  • With this famous quote, Ford refers to how self-fulfilling prophecies and limiting beliefs shape our realities.

Even today, at three and a half years of sobriety, I often remind myself of the affirmations that accompanied my daily life in the first year of my sobriety. The following are some of the daily affirmations that stand out the most to me, and that are applicable in day-to-day life, not just sobriety. Every single day of drinking we numbed our pain and hurt those we professed to love.

Love & Addiction Quotes on Understanding Addiction

Also, if you are struggling with addiction right now, you can reach out to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Having trusted friends or family, sponsors, or mental health professionals in your toolbox will be a big help. You will feel things like worry, struggle, boredom, anger, and even grief on your journey to recovery. A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that humor can be an effective coping mechanism for those in recovery from addiction. You will also enjoy our article on quotes on addiction. This statistic can be used to highlight the importance of evidence-based therapies in addiction treatment.

What is the motto of AA?

In this sense, the AA slogans “first things first” and “easy does it” bear some similarities. We must remember that the Twelve Steps go in numerical order for a reason.

We are often taught that patience is key to recovery, but can easily forget to apply it to ourselves. Recovery quotes can help us to remember to be patient with ourselves and with others. My personal opinion is, if you have tried it, just for the sake of trying, that is acceptable.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now that I am nine months in, I do feel like being sober is much, much easier. Most days it feels like a natural part of myself, while other days it is a choice I have to make that day. I https://ecosoberhouse.com/ was just watching Parks and Recreation with my fiance, and Rob Lowe’s cutie little face made an appearance on the episode. I’ve never felt so much gratitude for random things in my life.

What is the symbol of sobriety?

The Sobriety Circle & Triangle Symbol, is the symbol used by Alcoholics Anonymous. The equilateral triangle represents the three part answer – unity, recovery and service – to a three part disease – physical, mental and spiritual, while the circle represents wholeness or oneness.

Thank you for reviewing our motivational, inspirational, funny, and sobriety anniversary quotes. I have always been a type-A perfectionist, and this was the case when I was drinking too. I would set these standards for myself and then not live up to them, resulting in a feeling of defeat that I then covered with alcohol. I never paid attention to whether or not I progressed in certain areas, as I cared more about being perfect in those areas. But in sobriety, I’ve realized that perfection is truly unattainable. So the best I can do is continually strive to be a better version of myself and do better than I did the day before.

About the Author

The daily battle for sobriety is an all-too-familiar struggle for many recovering addicts. Even for those years into their sobriety, the threat of relapse remains a lurking presence in their day-to-day lives. If you ever feel this way, know that there are plenty of people who are dealing with the same struggle, and that each day of sobriety is another victory.

What is the best prayer for sobriety?

Dear God, help me turn my spirit towards You so that I can find the strength to overcome my problems. Forgive my doubts and fears, and fill me with Your love and strength. In Jesus' name, Amen.

This statistic can be used to emphasize the urgency of addressing substance abuse and promoting sobriety. This statistic can be used to highlight the prevalence of addiction in the US and the importance of sobriety for those struggling with addiction. This highlights the seriousness of alcohol addiction and the need for awareness about the benefits of sobriety.

Our preference is for inspiring quotes and for saying exactly how it is. Whether you want a reminder to pop up on your phone or to stick notes to your bathroom mirror, hopefully you’ll find the list below helpful to avoid recovery burnout. Next, find more inspirational quotes for every occasion. I’ve seen the amazing depths of the world because I’ve quit drinking. I appreciate the little things in life so much more.

sobriety sayings

Recovery is hard; being the loved one of an addict is also difficult, but hopefully, these words will make it just a little easier for you. More people are utilizing cannabis due to ongoing legal and regulatory changes (also known as marijuana). Comparing the drug to narcotics like meth, crack, or heroin sobriety sayings may make it seem mild. Yet, cannabis can potentially have both short- and long-term impacts that are incredibly unpleasant and catastrophic. Withdrawal Symptoms Of Weed, also known as marijuana withdrawal, refer to symptoms when someone using marijuana regularly stops or reduces their usage.

Sobriety Quotes To Encourage Addicts Through The Recovery Journey.

One-on-one counseling is a helpful tool for exploring any underlying causes that drive destructive behavior. Relapse prevention therapy can also help limit the recurrence of their disease. Short, striking, or memorable phrases are slogans, and we use them often in our daily lives.

sobriety sayings

No matter how little progress we feel we are making, we only need to look back to see how far we have come. Letting go of perfection and not comparing our own recovery to that of others can help us to stand in our own power. They can also make us stop in our tracks if something in particular resonates with how we are feeling. There is a quote to cover every emotion under the sun.

AA Daily Affirmations That Helped Me Maintain Sobriety

Dealing with the problems that you have been avoiding is difficult, but worthwhile and necessary. Although the thought of recovery may seem daunting, don’t let that hold you back. Instead, recognize your fears and address them through treatment. A good recovery program will provide therapy, family counseling, life skills training, and other services to help you through this process. It is important that both the individual dealing with the addiction and their loved ones participate in this process.

Here is a list of 61 inspirational quotes to help do that. This also means recognizing that addiction is in fact a disease, not a moral failure. Rather than blaming yourself for your addiction, be kind to yourself. Do not feel bad if you were unable to achieve sobriety on your own. You may not yet possess the tools to do so, but treatment you can develop these tools.

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